Pixel Factory Data Center

Data Center Fact Sheet


• A and B Liebert UPS feeds
• Diverse A and B supplies to cabinets
• Diesel back-up generator
• 72 hours of fuel stored on-site for generator
• Environmental
• N + 1 redundancy Liebert cooling
• Temperature in data center space maintained +/- 2° C tolerance


• Fully redundant network throughout edge, core and distribution layers
• Multi-homed network bandwidth (Level 3, Windstream, Comcast) *Zayo & Cogent - 3rd Q 2014
• Carrier Neutral cross connects available to national Tier 1 providers
• Multiple access building entry points for fiber optics
• Diverse fiber routes out of facility

Facility Information

• Proximity access control system
• Building type 8-inch mono pour concrete wall
• 24/7 monitored security systems (internet & cellular access)
• Premises monitored via closed-circuit digital camera coverage with 24-hour recording and 30-day digital video storage


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Pixel Factory Data Center Pixel Factory Data Center


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